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I'm a 30-something American quilter.  A mom and ESL teacher, stitching it up outside of New York City.

I quilt whenever I can, which thankfully means several times a week if not every day.  I love scrap quilts, improv, English paper piecing, free pieced letters and using what I have.  I'm happy to answer any questions about my techniques or materials and if I don't list a source for a pattern or design, it's probably my own.

I sew and quilt on a Janome MemoryCraft 6500.  I love Clover notions and Gutterman thread.  I use a metal thimble with an open top for piecing/applique and a closed-topped, ridged thimble for hand quilting.  If I've got enough $ to send something out, I usually send it to Shannon Couvillion

My backstory:  I started quilting in 1994, playing with my great grandmother's scraps and piecing by hand.  Though I learned basic sewing skills from both my grandmothers, I was on my own when it came to quilting.  In high school and college I poured over every quilt book at the library and thought I knew what I was doing.  Haha.  In 2002, while living in northern Japan, I had my first quilting mentor, and I learned everything all over again.  Thanks to some really wonderful guilds and the online quilting community, I've grown into a pretty hardcore quilter.  An original member of the NYC Metro Modern Guild, I like to write books on quilt techniques, give lectures and workshops and I currently run a bi-weekly quilt discussion group at the Rockville Centre Public Library (see the Events tab for more info).

If you want to go back and read my early years of quilt blogging (2006-2010), check out Littleshika.

Contact info:
Blog comments are always welcome, but sometimes emails do the job better (and are easier to reply to!).

jessunderquilts (at) gmail (dot) com

If you need my mailing address for swaps/trades/bees, lmk and I'll email it to you.

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**ETA-- Check out my completed Travel Quilt #3 here**

I don't know about you, but I check my blogger stats a couple times a day.  It's nice to see how readers find me, who has linked to me, and where they are.  In the last week though, there's been a gap, a hole.  I usually have at least a couple hits a week from readers in Japan, this week-- none.  Of course with such tragedy, I can't expect them to take time out (and use valuable electricity) to check in on my little ol' blog here, but still, the absence makes me worry about them even more.  I was thinking about how I can go back to  posting more about quilts but still satisfy my need to talk about Japan.. 

Victoria took this great photo of me at her retreat last weekend and I've wanted to write a post about it, and then it clicked, "Oh Yeah~" let's go back to the quilt that started me off on my EPP obsession..
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I have not even sewn one stitch this week.  I did manage to find my cutting table and mat, and it was nice to see them after what seemed like too long, but I didn't cut anything.  I didn't press anything.  I didn't do much other than ponder how I will organize my new space.

If you have stitched though, please tell us!

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You don't realize how much you are actually going to lose when you go through a divorce.  You mostly think of the things you don't like and how you will be rid of them.  The things you'll gain like personal choice and freedom.  I knew I would lose big things.  Time with my children.  My home.  
But there are other things that are gone that have had much bigger impact than I could have anticipated.  Like my washer and dryer.  
I spend an awful lot of time at the laundromat these days, but also doing laundry wherever else I'm able to.  Not having free laundry access has greatly influenced my routines and the choices I make.  Not unlike when I lived in Washburn and would wear only light colors one week and only dark colors the next.  You choose clothes that wash easily and wear well.  You are strategic with your wardrobe choices based on when you can do laundry again.. ('I really want to wear these jeans when we go out to dinner Saturday night so I better wear ___ inste…